Sun News Network Learns Meaning of Free Market

After several years of strongly espousing a “free market” approach in their editorial features, the Sun News Network recently realized that they did not have a clear understanding of that term.

“It’s partially my fault.”  A senior executive told us anonymously.  “I thought it was one of those business buzzwords that don’t actually mean anything, so I kept suggesting to our anchors that they keep using it.  But it turns out, it actually means something!”

With the recent decision by the CRTC to deny Sun News a mandatory carriage status on cable and satellite systems, the network, which has been struggling to find an audience has an uncertain future.

“If we’d been able to get that twenty cents per household for mandatory carriage that would have really helped us keep our message of how great the free market is going.  Telus, for example, they chose not to carry us, but they would have had to if this had gone the other way.  And isn’t that really what the free market is all about?”

“Oh.”  The senior executive said after googling the term on his phone.  “That’s what it means?  Oh, we’re totally not in favour of that.  But I guess it’s too late now, we had a load of bumper stickers made up with “Honk for the Free Market” put on them.”


For more on this, see these sites below

CBC: CRTC Rejects Sun News Bid For Mandatory Cable Spot

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