Man’s E-Mail Account Hacked, Friends Don’t Notice

Calgary resident and frequent e-mailer Johann Boyd reportedly had his hotmail e-mail account hacked over the long weekend.  The account was then used to send people in his contact list links to fraudulent sites aimed at stealing visitors personal information.

“I’m really torn up about this.” Johann told Sealion News, “I just can’t imagine what my friends are thinking.  Naturally, as soon as I realized what had happened, I sent an email out warning them not to open those other emails.  I just hope no one got affected by this.”

“It’s a breach of trust is what it is.”  He continued, “I’m very diligent in my emails.”

Sealion News also sought out one of Johann’s friends to see how they were impacted by this event.

“His account was hacked?” One friend asked us, “I honestly didn’t notice.  He sends out a lot of emails.  Like two or three a day.  Who has time to read them all?  They’re usually at least four or five pages of various things about some Rothschild family.  I usually just delete them unread.  It seems nicer than reporting them as junk.”


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