Texas To Teach Creationism in Computer Science Class

In a very controversial move, the Texas Board of Education has decided that as of September 2014 creationism and Intelligent Design are to become part of the curriculum of all science classes in the state, including computer science classes.

“We just want to make sure that students are getting exposed to all points of view” A board member told Sealion News anonymously.  “Who knows what kind of ‘agenda’ is being taught to the children who take these so-called ‘computer science’ classes.  We brought in a teacher to try to explain it, but he kept talking about languages and programming.  It all sounded very sinister to us, if I’m honest.  So obviously we need to put a stop to that, and having Intelligent Design taught in that class will certainly be a welcome step to stopping the corruption of our youth.”

Typical opponents of teaching Intelligent Design in schools are yet to make a comment on this new move either endorsing or condemning the board.  When asked for comment, one man replied “What? I.  I don’t even.  What?  How, How?  What?”


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