British Shops to Expand Selection In Face of Government Ban

In reaction to Canada’s recent seizure of certain goods being imported from the United Kingdom, stores specializing in those goods have decided to expand the selection of products they sell, in hopes that revenue will remain the same.

“When I first heard about the government seizing that Marmite and Irn-Bru, I thought it was all over.  Marmite is one of our most popular sellers.  I never completely understood why myself, I’d rather drive through a pig farm and spread the scrapings off my tyres on a slice of toast than eat that stuff.  But, some people seem to enjoy it.” Hilda Bottomshire of The Olde Shoppe Shop told us exclusively.

“At first, we weren’t sure how we would recoup the losses we’d soon be encountering.  And then we came across the answer.”  Hilda continued.  “As we were reading the various news sites on their stories about this debacle, we also read the comments section.  Besides the usual rants about Obamacare, which were on a story about Canada imports from Britain for some reason, there was also a rather incredulous post about how Canadians can purchase guns, but not Marmite.  Ethel and I looked at each other when we read that.”

So, for now at least, The Olde Shoppe Shop & Hunting Emporium is selling both imported goods from the UK, as well as various guns and associated ammunition.

“Frankly, we should have done this years ago.  We’ve made more on bullets just this morning than we ever did on Marmite in a year.  We’ve even been discussing getting rid of the fridge of various cheeses to make room for some clothing racks for camouflage gear.”


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