Canadian Government Approves PSA’s with Strong Language

The Canadian Government recently approved the use of strong language in a new series of public service announcements.  The decision comes on the heels of a single study suggesting a link between belittling people, and those people then doing the correct behaviour to avoid further harrassment.

The PSA’s will air on television with bleeps until 9pm, at which time the uncensored versions will be shown.  There will also be radio ads and billboards.

PSA’s are expected to include among others:

Buckle Up, Motherfucker – This will raise awareness of the importance of fastening ones seatbelt when in a car

Your Mother’s A Whore – Designed to raise awareness of the dangers of not looking both ways before crossing the street.

Your Sister’s A Whore – Designed to alert people to the dangers of tailgating in all weather, not just winter.

Don’t Be A Dick, Bro – This PSA is to alert people to the fact that driving up to the front of a construction zone and then merging in to the long line of traffic makes you an asshole, not a genius.

Suck It! – Designed to show people the benefits of donating blood at their local center as well a suggestion to fill in the organ donor cards.

Additionally, one special PSA will feature Canadian adult entertainers Hock E. Stick and Debbie Beaver in a touching PSA on the dangers of texting dick pics while driving, and to raise awareness of the various distracted driving laws across the country.

The PSA’s are expected to begin airing nationwide on March 1st.


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