Inside Look: A Local Politician’s Valentine Card To His Wife

Sealion News is proud to have an exclusive look at local politician Eli Smith’s Valentine’s Day card to his wife.

This year, Eli had picked a blank card and wrote the following heart felt message to Belinda, his wife of 14 years.


My darling Belinda,

I have known you for almost two decades now, and everyday I love you more than the last.

We have raised two beautiful children together, and survived fifteen goldfish.


I just looked over and Mr Gills is belly up, so make that an even sixteen.

Thinking about it, this probably isn’t the venue to tell you that, but I started writing this card in ink, and you know how carried away I get.

So yes.  I love you darling.  If I had a time machine I would go back and do it all again, irreparable damage to the space-time continuum be damned.

Hang on.  The dog wants to go out.

And I’m back.  They don’t give you much room in these cards, do they?

To summarize this card into a talking point, love ya babe!

I’m Eli Smith, and I approved this message.


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