A 9/11 Truther Explains Physics

Sealion News is pleased to present another transcript from our interview series.  This time we interviewed Dave Sebastian, who does not believe the events of September 11, 2001 occurred as are described in the official version.

SLN: David, thanks for taking time with us.

DS: No worries.  Good to be here.

SLN:  So we understand that you do not subscribe to the official version of what happened on 9/11, and you claim you have some proof, or at least evidence that would raise doubts.

DS: That’s quite correct.  I’m quite sure that when you hear and see the evidence that I present that you’ll see that there are definitely problems with the official story too.

SLN: Please proceed.

DS:  Well there are two main problems that the story does not account for.  The first is the impact at the pentagon, the second is the impact at the towers.

DS: The problem with the pentagon impact is that the supposed jet caused a small impact hole.  You can see it here in this photograph.  <Editor: Apologies to our readers, we didn’t get copies of the photos>.  As you can see, it’s a largely round hole.

DS: Now, if you’ll watch this short documentary I have cued up, you can see that we should be getting a completely different type of hole.  I’ll narrate it a bit.  So here we have Wile E Coyote, and he has strapped himself to a rocket in order to catch the Road Runner.  He ignites the rocket and takes off.  As you can see he’s managing to keep up quite well, but here we have a turn in the road, and the road runner takes the corner.  Now, we can take it that the cliff face at this corner is quite analogous to the heavily reinforced concrete and steel of the Pentagon.

DS: Wile, atop his rocket, hits the cliff face at full speed.  As you can see, the hole in the cliff face is in the shape of Wile, and his rocket.  Extrapolating this out, the hole in the pentagon should be plane shaped.  But it is not, it is hole shaped.  So right there, the official story just doesn’t hold up with what we expect to see.

SLN: Erm.

DS: Moving on, here we have the South tower.  Now, the structure of the tower is also reinforced steel and concrete, but these are layers that are separated out, as they form the floors of the building.  In other words, they have a gap between them.

DS:  So here we have another documentary.  As you can see, this time the coyote has attached a form of rudimentary wing to his arm.  This is basically a perfect example.  So, as you can see, he is flying along, and there’s a cliff face, but with a small gap between two faces.  Wile flies into the gap, but the wings make him too wide.  As you can see, Wile has continued on through the gap, but his fabricated wings are left behind, stuck to the cliff faces.  This is not what we saw on September 11th.  We should have seen the wings break off on impact, but we did not.

SLN:  Are…  Are you fucking serious?


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