Vegan Gift Goes Awry

Local vegan Scott Blindside’s housewarming gift, while warmly received, did not go over well with the gifts recipients, Arnold and Jane Miller.

“I just don’t know what he was thinking when he got it, to be honest.” Arnold told us. “I mean don’t get me wrong, the thought was wonderful.  But I can’t think of a single person who likes regular fruitcake, so why does vegan fruitcake even exist?”

“Maybe he was given it, and he’s passing it on.  I mean, I’ve done that with lots of fruitcakes over the years.  But usually only to people I wasn’t that hot about.  Does Scott not like us?” Jane added.

“I think they liked it.” Scott admitted to us. “They seemed pretty excited about it when I gave it to them.  Lots of ‘wow’s, ‘you shouldn’t have’s, and so on.  And I’m really happy about that.  I baked it especially for them.  When you cut a slice out, it says “Arnold & Jane” in dried fruit.  And it’s not easy to do that for every slice.  I put a lot of myself into this cake.  I’m really happy they like it.”

“Maybe Arnold’s mother would like it for Easter.” Jane added.


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