Movie Critic Finds Transformers Film On Par With Shakespeare

Sealion News film critic Reginald Van Smithsgotten found the recently released film Transformers: Age Of Extinction to be a excellent character piece with dramatic moments rivalling those found in King Lear or Hamlet.

“What Michael Bay has done with this film is staggering.  The use of slow motion effects as the robots tumble serve to intensify the ‘Bwah’ sounds.  In fact, the use of the giant robots serves as a foil against which all of humanity can be viewed.  In many ways, this is very similar to The Bard’s techniques.  Where Shakespeare used iambic pentameter, Mr Bay punctuates his scenes with an array of explosions.”

“I would say that the overtones in this film are going to go over many of my colleagues heads.  They’ll complain of things like not being able to tell which Transformer is which, fight scenes resembling a junk shop in a tornado and so on.  But they won’t grasp that Mr Bay, Michael, actually intends that to be the point.  It is a reflection of how combat strips us down to our very essence and in that moment, we are all the same.  Autobot, Dinobot, Decepticon, it matters not.”

“I see this movie being inducted into the Library of Congress as a National Treasure.  It may take a few years for all the levels of the film to become apparent.  It is just a matter of time.”


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