Personal Trainer Struggling To Think Of 24th Push Up Variation

Zeke Blaster, an area personal trainer, was reportedly hitting a mental block when trying to think up a 24th and 25th variation of push up for an upcoming workout he would torture his clients with.

“I don’t know how, but I’ve got twenty three variations already. I dunno, maybe twenty five was too many and I should keep it at twenty, that’s still a lot, right? I just feel that I’d be giving up though. You don’t spell ‘win’ with Q-U-I-T, it’s what I always say.”

“Thinking about it now though, there is an ‘i’ in there. ‘Succeed?’ no, that’s got a ‘u’. Dammit!”

“But then I get to thinking about some of the variations I have locked down already, and some are pretty weak. Like can-only-curl-ninety-pounds weak. Like this one here, it’s basically a burpee, but I added a jump and click your heels together at the end. It’s a little weak, particularly since the one before it is a burpee with a jump at the end.”

Zeke then went on to say “Dammit Zeke! Brah, you’re better than this!”

As of press time, Mr Blaster was considering the addition of a clap to some of his prior variations.


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