Unreleased Movie Already Has A Sequel In Production

Studio heads teased Sealion News earlier today with an exclusive that they have already begun production on a sequel to the yet to be released film Heart Of The Family.

Heart Of The Family, is based on the novel by accountant Edward Johnson, which is an account of his struggle with prostate cancer from 2002 through 2008. It is a movie showcasing the victory of the human spirit, and the importance of family. It heavily features the emotional turmoil his wife and twin teenage daughters faced, in addition to his own emotional struggles coming to grips with his mortality. Heart Of The Family is due to be released nationwide on September 19th.

Sealion News sat down with a studio head to discuss the sequel.

“We think this movie is going to do really well. It hits all the emotional buttons. And that’s why we’ve green lit a sequel. In the sequel, it’s now 8 years later, 2016, and Edward is just seeing his girls graduate from college. Then, boom, terrorists seize a space station and threaten to use its laser systems, which it has for some reason we’ll flesh out later, to wipe out various cities on Earth. Who else would the UN call but Edward Johnson? Who is now an elite space marine stationed on Mars. Hey, you need the best right?”

“What we’re doing, is we’re making Heart Of The Family an origin story. We’ll probably have some flashbacks to his time during treatment, and how it made him into a mega badass. This could even be the start of a franchise. We’re thinking the sequel will be called HOT F2.”


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