Adult Entertainer “Livid” At Photo Leaks

Adult entertainer Natalia Bangerz was reportedly livid at being included in the recent photo leak event. The actress, who starred in such films as The Aveng-Hers, a female actress only retelling of the recent Avengers film, reportedly had three very personal pictures copied from the Cloud.

“I’m just so mad at this invasion of my privacy. Those pictures were not for the world to see, they were for myself and loved ones.”

“There’s this one here, of me and my nan. Beautiful picture. Shortly after this was taken she passed on. It’s the last photo I have of her. Then there’s this one of me holding my niece when she’s only 15 minutes old. And finally there’s a private one of my husband and I. We were at Niagara Falls and he’d asked this tourist to take a photo of us, and when he came back to pose, he proposed. These are all very personal items. So yeah, I’m pissed off that my Cloud was hacked.”


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