Casper Wyoming Survives Another September 11th

Police and officials in Casper Wyoming breathed a sigh of relief today when it became clear that the day would pass without a terrorist attack on their town.

“I’m just relieved nothing happened. I mean, we have that golf course, that’s probably right up there on ISIS or Al Queda’s hit list.” The police chief told us on the condition of anonymity. “Luckily, we had all our tanks out, and the boys were all dressed in their body armour with the assault rifles out, so we’d be ready for ‘em.”

Despite the precautions taken by officials, the citizens of Casper felt quite safe. “Most suspicious thing I saw today?” One resident told us. “I heard a clatter of garbage cans, and then I saw a corgi come out of the alleyway with a slight limp. I thought it odd as you don’t see many corgis around here. That was pretty much it.”


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