UKIP: HK Protests Are A Clear Sign The Empire Was Good

The UK Independence Party issued a statement today condemning the Chinese governments crackdown on the recent protests in Hong Kong, and declared that these protests were “a clear sign that people liked being part of The British Empire.”

In an interview, leader Nigel Farage said “I’ve been accused a lot of having some rose tinted glasses on, and seeing history as it never actually was. I think that the 1950’s were a delightful time, and that Thatcher was one of the best Prime Ministers Britain has ever had. So clearly I’m delusional about a lot stuff. But I think I’m speaking completely without a trace of any of that insanity when I say that British Governance of the Empire was a wonderful thing, and that the people in those areas we oversaw loved having us there.”

“And these protests in Hong Kong demonstrate this perfectly. I mean, they weren’t protesting when we were there. We handed them to China, now they’re protesting. The link is pretty clear. I mean, come on. What’s the alternative? That they want to govern themselves and be a free and independent state? That it’s some kind of economic thing? That’s balderdash, plain and simple balderdash.”


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