Cosplayer Working On Rosebud Costume For Comic Con

Local Cosplayer Jared Smith has already begun working on his costume for next year’s Comic Con in San Diego. He spoke with Sealion News.

“Last few years, I’ve gone as some pretty cool people. One year I was an X-Wing pilot, another I was a Klingon, I basically have a lot of fun with my costumes. But the other week, my girlfriend and I watched that movie Citizen Kane, it’s regarded as one of the best movies of all time, and I have to say that I agree, now that I’ve seen it. Star Wars is still pretty awesome, but yeah, C-K has it all.”

“So then I was thinking that I need to honor this movie for next year, and what’s the most recognizable thing from it? Yeah, the sled. I’m going as Rosebud! Mold some plastic runners, cut some siding as the boards, it’ll be lightweight and super recognizable.”

“This will be more fun than that time I wore a t-shirt with the Ghostbusters logo on it and gave people a blank look and pretended to not understand whenever they asked who I was going to call!”


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