Method Actor Finds The Role He Was “Born To Play”

Local actor Julius Von Stage, real name George Fornick, has received critical acclaim for his role as “Creepy Man At The Back Of The Bus Who Might Actually Be Masturbating, It’s Hard To Tell”, a non-speaking background role on the television show Jane Tells It Like It Is, a soon to be cancelled sitcom for NBC.

“I like to delve deep into what my character would be thinking. I become them, during the performance. In this case, my character did not even have a name, but I seized the role and wove it into myself. I felt, that the piece, specifically the bus scene, required someone with a little less social awareness than the other actors.”

“There is a saying, if you cannot see the creepy guy on the bus, it is you. The hiring directors had clearly forgotten to cast one, and so I took it upon myself. It should be said that I was not actually masturbating during the scene, but such is the craft that every person who views it believes in their hearts that I am.”

Julius’ career has entered a new phase since his episode aired. He has reportedly received offers to appear in the backgrounds of many other soon to be cancelled sitcoms, and dramas, as well as reality shows that will go on for far too many years.

“Some actors are afraid of being quote unquote typecast. I revel in it. I shall forever be The Gentleman On The Bus Possibly Performing Lewd Acts For Loose Change. It is my raison d’etre.”

Julius’ parents are reportedly thrilled at the attention their son is getting, but less thrilled at what it is for. Julius’ grandmother reportedly had “vapours”, upon hearing the name of the role.


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