Confirmed: Star Wars Episode VIII To Be Split Into Two Parts

Director and writer Rian Johnson of the upcoming eighth star wars film, tentatively titled “Episode 8” has confirmed today that the story that will be told is simply too big for one film, and so it will be split into two films.

“Star Wars is such a rich mythos.” Rian told us. “We’re really hitting the same problems Peter [Jackson] is with the Hobbit films. There’s just so much there. We’ve discussed it with the studio and they’re on board, and so we’ll be releasing part one in 2017 and part two in 2018.”

Rian acknowledged that this may cause some fans to doubt the franchise. “Obviously, people’s first thought is that it’s a cash grab, but I can assure you, it’s not. This is absolutely the best way to tell this story.”

When asked about the story, Rian told us “I can’t say much, obviously. But I am allowed to say this. In Return of the Jedi, we saw Leia strangle Jabba the Hutt with her slave chain, very cool. Unfortunately, the Hutts have a vast criminal empire and live a really long time. One of these Hutts, Durga, is now effectively in charge of Jabba’s old operations, and he decides to steal the plans for the Death Star. He’s not trying to kill Leia or anything, hell, he wouldn’t be in charge if she hadn’t killed him. So the Hutts are basically going to make their own version of a Death Star, but they whittle down the design to just the laser part.”

“Yeah, we’re making Darksaber. All the other books and stories are no longer canon, like at all, and the second movie we’re making. Darksaber. Darksaber will be more canon than Thrawn.”

He added. “You feel that wave of sadness? That’s the souls of millions of nerds dying a little inside.”


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