Nets Fans Livid Over New Toronto Logo

Fans of the Brooklyn Nets basketball team were irate on twitter today after the Toronto Raptors unveiled their new logo, which also includes a basketball.

“I mean, what the hell?” One Nets fan told us.  “It’s like they’re playing the same sport or something and feel the need to blatantly rip off our logo of a basketball with a ‘B’ in it, by removing the ‘B’ and putting marks on it indicating the ball is being ripped, or possibly gripped by some kind of animal, possibly a raptor.  And then they changed the color.”

Another fan agreed commenting “This is worse than the time the [Los Angeles] Lakers’ ripped off our logo by removing the ‘B’ and writing “Los Angeles Lakers” across it and changing the colours to purple and yellow.  Another fucking blatant rip off.  And don’t even get me started on the Miami Fucking Heat.”


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