Rich People Demand Poor People Denounce Bank Robber’s Actions

A spate of bank robberies in the area lately has caused sufficient consternation amongst the areas wealthy that they are demanding that organizations that assist the less financially fortunate denounce these crimes.

“Everyone knows that these people are robbing banks because they’re poor, and yet time and time again, the other poor people do and say nothing to stop the robbers in their midst.  Well, we rich are tired of this bullshit.  Why aren’t organizations speaking out against the actions of these few individuals that are committing these crimes?  Why are they not organizing a way to stop these poor people becoming radicalized into robbing banks?”  A spokesman for the rich said to us.

“Are… Are they fucking serious?” A spokesman for the poor told us in reaction.  “They want us to denounce every bank robbery?  I dunno, I guess we would.  Although, technically, as soon as they robbed the bank, they ceased to be poor, and were no longer part of our demographic, and became part of his.”


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