Self-Driving Car In Accident Due To Privacy Settings

Another accident occurred during a controlled test of a self-driving car earlier this week, marking the third accident this month.  The cause of the accident, which took place on a closed test track in California, is reportedly an issue with the privacy settings of the onboard computers software.

“This car is ridiculously advanced you see.  As it’ll be doing the driving, you can watch movies, access facebook, and even just surf the internet, all from the driving seat.  And part of the whole experience is being able to share where you are.”

“But we understand that some people may be apprehensive about that.  Afterall, it would indicate to potential thieves that you’re away from your house and roughly how long it would be until you could get home.  So yeah, we understand that.  And to that end, we’ve put privacy settings in place.”

“Unfortunately, If you just put all the privacy settings to maximum, then the car sort of turns off the brake lights and indicators too.  That’s a bit of a glitch, and we’re working on it.”

“You see.  What happened was that this was a test of how the car deals with other cars on the road, particularly ones with drivers.  So, as the privacy settings weren’t checked, the car swerved into another lane without indicating, and then had to slam on its brakes.”

“No one was seriously injured, although there was a driver who sprained his wrist from hitting his horn too hard.”

Another test is scheduled for next Friday.


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