Super Nice Roommate Gives Bike To Charity Volunteer

Local student Ray Hoisano was surprised at the generosity of his roommate Stuart Smith this past weekend, after Stuart said that he could keep the bike that Ray had borrowed for a charity event.

“You can just go ahead and keep that.” Stuart reportedly told Ray, after hearing of how well bicycle and rider had performed in the event.

“Wow.  He’s such a nice guy.” Ray enthused. “You know, you hear some horror stories about college roommates before you get here, but I have lucked out with Stu.  Nicest guy ever.”

“Here I am, just having completed a four hour naked bike race around campus for charity.  Wow, I was sweating.  My entire body was just drenched with sweat.  My boys were bouncing everywhere, sticking and unsticking.  And I’ll be honest, there was some chaffage between my upper thighs and the seat.  I’m a little tender there right now.  So yeah, I’m really exhausted from all that, I just want to shower and nap, and then Stu just gives me his bike.”

“And he was super reluctant to let me borrow it too.  I could tell.  He was humming and ha-ing about it.  But I assured him that I’d be only gone with it for four and a half hours, and he said ok.  Then I come back and he let’s me keep it.”

“What a nice guy.”


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