Personal Trainer Reveals Secret Meaning Of Dark Knight Rises

For many people, the 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises, was merely the latest Batman film, and for others it was the culmination of Christopher Nolan’s interpretation of the character.  Some see meaning of an ultimate battle between good and evil, while others see interpretations of the Occupy Movement and the 1%.  But personal trainer Jordan Taylor sees a deeper meaning behind the movie.

“When we first see Bruce Wayne in the movie, he’s clearly not been working out for a while.  He’s not been taking care of himself.  He’s got a bad leg, he’s out of shape.  But he’s called out retirement, and uses machines to hold off the damage that has been done to his body.  Ultimately, Bro, those efforts prove Sisyphean, and Bane straight up breaks his back.  His use of machines does not provide him with the functional strength to be effective.”

“So what happens then, is he’s locked up in some shitty prison for a while.  He no longer has access to his machines, and so he turns to body weight exercises.  Pull ups, push ups, probably some squats.  Hell, he probably did a ton of burpees too.  It’s Batman’s use of body weight exercises that bring him back to full effectiveness, and ultimately give him the ability to defeat Bane.”

“Body weight exercises bro.  They’re the key.  You don’t need weights or machines, just your body.  If you want to be in shape like Batman, then you should try Crossfit.  It’s subtle, but in the movie, you can clearly see him doing Crossfit like moves.”

Jordan then continued for several minutes about Crossfit and how it was safer than most other forms of exercise.

“I mean, ok, so I’m injured right now.  I agree with you there.  And granted, I was injured about six months ago too.  But that’s totally not Crossfit’s fault.  I was just trying to complete a hundred deadlifts, to see if I could.  My knee blew out on ninety nine.  So close man.”

Jordan looks forward to getting back into Crossfit next month, and hurting his shoulder two weeks after that.


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