Sealion News’ Ultimate Healthy Burger Recipe

Everyone loves a good burger, but many times the best tasting burgers are quite unhealthy.  To that end, Sealion News is pleased to share with you it’s recipe for a great tasting and, above all, healthy burger.

What could be better than a half a pound of juicy beef patty, melting mozzarella, rich bbq sauce, and thickly sliced smoked bacon all on an airy white bun?  Well, this recipe has a few substitutions, but tastes just as great.

To start with, we’re going to switch out that juicy all beef patty with a chicken breast, boiled to perfection and quickly seared on the grill to give it those char marks.

We’re going to switch that bun loaded with carbs with some wild, whole grain rice.

That bacon? It’s now steamed broccoli.

Mozarella cheese is from cow milk, what do cows eat? Grass.  What’s also green?  Peas.  We’re switching the mozzarella for peas.

And finally, let’s replace that rich, sugar loaded bbq sauce with a pinch of salt.  Just a pinch mind, you have to watch your sodium intake.

All that’s left now is to assemble your great tasting burger.

Mix the mozzarella (peas), in with the bun (rice).  Place that all beef patty (boiled chicken breast) on top and place that thick, smoked bacon (broccoli) on the side.

Enjoy your burger and enjoy all the jealous comments from your friends as they want to know where you got the recipe from.

But you’ll never tell.


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