Queen Elizabeth’s Twitter Account Now Just Pictures Of Her Breakfast

Queen Elizabeth the second, who joined social networking site Twitter in October of last year, has reportedly already run out of interesting things to tweet, and is now basically just taking pictures of the egg McMuffin’s she has for breakfast and lunch.

One of her followers spoke to us. “It started off fairly interesting.  Pictures of knightings, congratulatory tweets, things like that.  I think the turning point was a state dinner in November.  She seemed really impressed with the foie gras and discovered how to take a picture of it to share with everyone.  Right after that she was pretty much taking pictures of everything, but that was at least slightly better than this morning’s egg McMuffin.”

“Plus she has to rub it in that she can get them during lunch time because she’s the sodding Queen.” Another fan told us, who was clearly frustrated by the lower quality of posts.

“Still.  She hasn’t discovered selfies yet.  So that’s a bonus.  I’ll stop following if she starts taking pictures with her crown on crooked.”

Reached for comment, her Majesty replied, “Well, I am looking to spice it up a little.  In fact, a miss Kardashian in the colonies recently tweeted me about something called a ‘belfie’.  I’m quite excited to try it.”


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