Online Quiz Topic Really Scraping Bottom Of Barrel

Online quiz enthusiast Craig Templar told SLN recently that although he thoroughly enjoys taking online quizzes, he has found the topics of late to be a little farfetched and not relatable.

“I love those things.  Every time I see a new one, my heart beats a little bit faster.  I did a ‘Which Star Trek Character Are You?’ quiz once, and when I got Gorn, I dressed like him for a month.  I was a little apprehensive to do the ‘Which Game Of Thrones Character Are You?’ quiz, but I got Rob Stark, which was pretty cool.  Thought I may have got a Lannister or a Greyjoy, which would have been awkward, especially if I got Jaime.”

“But this latest quiz.  I dunno, it seems to be pretty out there.  Like they’re running out of ideas.  ‘Which Element Of The Periodic Table Are You?’.  What?  I mean, I did it.  I’m Californium, apparently.  I have no idea what that says about me.  I’ve not been this disappointed in a quiz result since the allegations about Bill Cosby came out three weeks after finding out that the Cosby Show Character I am is Cliff.  I was still wearing the sweaters that day and hadn’t heard the news when I got to work.  People did not find that funny, and nor should they.”

As of press time, Craig had cheered up some after finding out that the Honda vehicle he was most like was the Accord Hybrid.


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