How Much Do You Like Guacamole?

Are you a big fan of Guacamole? Take our scientific quiz and find out!

Simply answer the four questions below as honestly as you feel you can, and rate your answers at the bottom. What could be easier!?

1) How often do you eat guacamole?
a) I never really cared for it, to be honest. Maybe once in college, but everyone was doing it.
b) Whenever I have nachos or a burrito, I guess. Once, maybe twice a month?
c) Oh man, I love that stuff. I love the feel of it in my mouth and nose. Aurally is great too.

2) What do you love most about guac?
a) Well, as I said, not much.
b) It’s a good texture combination with nachos, and the tastes of it, salsa and sour cream are quite complimentary.
c) Have you ever loved something so much that you would sit on its seed in an attempt to germinate it and grow more?

3) Which areas of your body have been touched by guacamole?
a) Never shall the accursed sauce of the “Cado” touch my skin!
b) Fingers, I guess. Chin too, probably.
c) Does butt stuff count?

4) Have you ever used guac “recreationally”?
a) Cease your temptations Jezebel! Your attempts are Sisyphean!
b) What? Does that mean what I think it means? Why would anyone…?
c) Just once in the last five minutes while reading this quiz. And before that lots.
Your Score:
Mainly ‘a’s: You clearly hate guacamole. Why would you even take a quiz on how much you like it?
Mainly ‘b’s: You sure are a guac-addict! But hey, guac’s great, enjoy it my friend!
Any ‘c’s: Wow. You, you should seriously get some help. That’s not cool. Not at all. I’m pretty sure that some of those answers were illegal in most countries.


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