Saudi Cleric Reconsiders Stance After Receiving Support From West

Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari, the Saudi cleric at the heart of the recent viral video, told SLN that he had paused to reconsider his position after receiving massive support from American creationist movement CASE, Christians Against Science Education.

“He is absolutely correct!” a spokesperson for CASE told us.  “We will proudly stand with him against the so-called scientists who have no grasp of the logic of his statement.  Of course Earth doesn’t rotate, how could planes possibly work if it did?  We applaud the Sheikh for taking a strong stand against the lunacy of the scientific field.”

Asked for comment, the Sheikh responded, “Really?  Those guys support me?  That’s not a good sign, they’re insane.  I must have missed something.”

The sheikh then paused for a moment before snapping his fingers. “Relative motion.  I missed relative motion, didn’t I?  Nope.  My mistake.  Planes do work and Earth does revolve.  Nothing to see here.  Crazy people can go home now.”

Asked for comment on the Sheikh’s reversal, the CASE spokesperson said “Ah shit.  This always happens.  This is worse than that time Donald Trump spoke out about gravity and retracted that.”


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