Local Man Suddenly Becomes Vegan

Local man James St James decided at 1:15 this afternoon that he would forever swear off all meat and become a vegan for the rest of his life.

“What I had for lunch today was, without a doubt, the most delicious meal I have ever had.  The steak was cooked absolutely perfectly.  It was juicy, and so tender.  I could practically cut it with my fork.  The potato and vegetables were pretty good too.  But that steak.  Oh wow.”

“Basically, there is no way I will ever eat another cut of beef or meat as delicious as that steak ever again.  It was a once in a lifetime steak.  Any other steak I would have, would pale in comparison.  This is the peak, it’s all downhill from here.”  He added.

“And so, with that in mind, I may as well completely stop eating meat.  If continuing to eat meat is going to mean that I’ll just be a miserable git, then I may as well choose to be a miserable git and become a vegan.  That way it’s my choice.”

“I dunno.  Maybe in ten or fifteen years I’ll reconsider and get some, but by then I may have just overhyped this last one in my mind so much that nothing could be as good.  OR maybe I’ll just get a bacon wrapped steak and that will be good enough.  Like I said, I dunno.”


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