Co-Worker Can Tell You Which Subway You Should Go To

Frank Joseph, an engineer at a local firm, was surprised while eating his lunch in the break room today at the sheer depth of knowledge another of his co-workers had on Subway restaurants in the area.

“I didn’t know what to make of it all really.  He came in with a six inch sub in a bag, I think it turned out to be a meatball one, and I commented that I didn’t know there was a Subway nearby.  Apparently, that was enough to trigger a really in depth conversation on the local franchises.”

“It seems that there are three nearby.  One in the food court at the mall, then another down on 32nd avenue.  But it sounds like that one is really busy at lunch time.  So he then alerted me to another one, out by a Rona that sounds like it’s surprisingly close to the mall, but not at the mall.  It sounds like that one is no where near as busy as the other two.”

“I don’t eat subs a lot, which is how I had no idea there were three nearby, but I guess I know which to go to if I want one.”

“I’ll probably start eating lunch in my office from now on.”


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