Jenny McCarthy Begs People To Stop Asking Her For Medical Advice

Science enthusiast Jenny McCarthy held a press conference this morning, where she pleaded with the public to “please, stop asking me for medical advice.”

“I am not a doctor.  I just do not have that training.  Do not take medical advice from me.  And, for the love of God, please stop showing me your weird and gross rashes and asking me what you should do.  See a damned doctor.  Especially, if there’s pus involved.”

“Seriously.  Look at my resume.  There is no medical school on there at all.  I hosted a dating show on MTV in the nineties for Pete’s sake!  Carson Daly doesn’t have this problem.  I know, I’ve asked him.  Even Hugh Laurie doesn’t have this problem, and he actually played a doctor!  Mind you, people may think he’d yell at them.  But George Clooney and Noah Wyle don’t have this problem.”

“Anyways.  Remember not to vaccinate folks!  Preventable diseases leading to death, or 100% chance of Autism.  You decide.”


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