CRTC Prefers Netflix to Shomi

In an announcement this morning that reverberated around the entire planet, the CRTC, Canadian Radio-television & Telecommunications Commission, announced that streaming services, like Netflix and Rogers’ Shomi service, must be available to all consumers, if they are providing exclusive content.

The committee was reportedly acting strongly to noticing that the number of available tv shows on Netflix Canada has been dropping of late, causing them to miss out on new episodes of 2 Broke Girls and Blacklist.

“One of the guys here is a huge fan of 2 Broke Girls, but he’s on Bell, so he only gets access to CraveTV, which doesn’t have it.  Likewise, he gets all the HBO ones, and I don’t.  Complete bullshit.  So yeah.  We’re stopping that.”

“Sadly, it will mean that I’ll have to have subscriptions to all of them now.  Which is basically going to cost me as much as a cable tv package.  I didn’t think of that until now.  Shit.”

Another rule change included the dropping of genre protection, a decision that both MuchMusic and MTV Canada are applauding.

“It’s about time they dropped that.  Now we can really focus on making unbelievably shitty shows for our teen demographic, and not have to air ads for some idiot musician’s new album.  I mean, we used to air them all in a numbered list, but now we don’t even have to do that.”

“This will be a day long remembered.”


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