Dirt Covered Snow Pile A Reminder Of Winter That Was

A snow pile in the corner of the local Home Depot store is a slowly disappearing reminder to the community of the winter of the last few months.

Bob Johnson, the manager of the Home Depot spoke with us on condition of anonymity due to Home Depot’s policy.

“It’s quite a statement, to be sure.  Here we have this pile of snow from clearing our parking lot of snow over the last 6 months.  It’s still here, but it’s covered in grit now, and it’s a shadow of its former self.  Why at the end of last month, that thing was half way up that lamp post.  Kids would climb it.  But now, everyone just spits on it as they walk past.”

“The hatred of winter really helped cement this community together over the last while.  Especially with that fresh snowfall the other day.  But that snow pile is getting smaller every day.  And soon, we’ll have those parking spots again, just in time for our 4 months of summer.”


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