Investigative Journalist’s New Job Is A Chance To Shine

A fifteen year veteran investigative journalist has accepted a new position that they feel will “really give me a chance to dig deep into stories and get the facts out to the people.”

Rebecca Johnson, whose work has taken her from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, to the industrial areas of Michigan to uncover illegal pollutant dumping, and into Washington DC itself where she uncovered corruption at the heart of government, is looking forward to the new challenge her role will bring.

“Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that the news has become far more corporately regulated.  It just isn’t letting me do the stories I want.  So when they approached me and said I could dig into whatever I wanted with no restrictions, well I jumped at the chance.”

Rebecca’s new position will be as head researcher for a cable based satirical news program.  “It’s just such a great opportunity.  Nobody realizes how much research and investigation goes into those shows, but it’s insane.  They’ll spend hours going through footage over a politician’s career to find a clip of him saying the opposite of something he just said.  They do so much more research and work than we did on the news networks, as all we were doing was reporting what was happening now, not how things led up to what was happening.”

“I really feel that I can sink my teeth into this.”


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