Dog’s Citronella Replaced

The owners of Sparky, a miniature Dachshund whose passion is barking at everything, recently replaced the citronella spray in his anti-bark collar with Febreeze.

“Honestly, it just wasn’t working at all.  We found that Sparks would just bark through the spray until it was all gone.  At one point, it looked like there was a geyser next to his little head.”  John Robson told us.

“He just loves to bark so much.  It wasn’t a feedback loop, where he’d bark, get sprayed, which would then startle him to bark again.  My little Sparkleton just loves his barks so much.  It’s quite adorable really.” Julie Robson continued.

“Obviously though, our house was beginning to smell a lot like citronella, so we thought, what if we put Febreeze in there?  The collar is obviously having no effect, so what if we use him to keep the place smelling nice?  I mean, lemon is ok, but a rainy meadow is better.”  John resumed.

“We’ve had febreeze in there for about a week now, and I have to say, our house smells great.”

“Yeah, and it has had the exact same effect on Sparky’s barking that the citronella spray did.  Which is zero.  So it’s good that we can turn what could be a negative into a positive.”


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