Man From Philadelphia Not Taken Seriously

Richard East, a Philadelphia native recently came to Sealion News and reported that he is finding it very hard to be taken seriously and get his point across when he contacts live phone-in shows.

“It’s frustrating as hell” He told us.  “I always try to give the show a little background of my life.  So they know where I’m coming from.  But I only ever get out two sentences before they either laugh and hang up, swear and hang up, or just hang up and then apologize to their listeners or viewers.”

“I always start with “Hi, I was born and raised in West Philadelphia, and I spent a lot of my youth on the various playgrounds in the city.  And there was one time, I got into a fight.”  And that’s about the point they hang up on me.  It’s very rude, and very annoying.  I have opinions and ideas dammit.  They need to be heard!”


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