Laid Off Man Refuses To Not Look On Bright Side

In a move that annoyed everyone who knows him to no end, local Phil Boyd, who was laid off this afternoon, absolutely refuses to see it as the crushing defeat that it logically is.

“It’s like they say” He told us.  “Inside every setback is the seed of an equivalent or greater success.  So there’s that.   I can finally pull the trigger on some of those business ventures I’ve been working toward.  I have time for working out now.  I can walk the dog.  I can catch up on Netflix, I still haven’t seen that House Of Cards show.” He said, seemingly oblivious to the reality of his situation.

“I can finish that novel I’ve been working on.” He added in an odd high pitched voice.

His friends were far less jovial.

“Does he not realize how screwed he is?  I mean, ok, so he’ll have EI.  And yeah, they’ve rented out their basement so they’ll have that too.  Huh.  Maybe they’re not screwed.  And I really am looking forward to reading his novel, and recommending it to every single one of my friends and suggesting they do likewise.”


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