Canadian Site Of King Arthur Legend Found

Archeologists and Mythologists were both astounded this morning, at the announcement that the site of Canada’s version of the myth of King Arthur had been found.

“The myth does not go into great detail of King Arthur’s trip to Canada, so there are just guesses, but this evidence that has been uncovered is certainly very strong proof.” A mythologist from the University of Calgary told us.

“There’s usually a degree of truth to myths.” An archeologist told us. “They’ll use a actual place name, maybe even reference an actual leader.  Similar to how Marvel uses New York city, or the time Spider Man met President Obama.  But usually, and like Marvel, that’s just a backdrop to tell the story, so for something like this to appear is quite revelatory.”

Part of the myth of King Arthur, is that the Lady of the Lake, reached her arm out holding aloft Excalibur, the sword that Arthur would then use.  Another part of the myth, involves Arthur removing the sword from the stone, signifying that he had Divine blessing to be the King of the Britons.  This new evidence suggests that those two events were completed at the same time.  But the evidence also suggests that it was not a sword that Arthur was given or retrieved.

Excalibur In The Lake
Excalibur In The Lake

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