Liberals Propose More Changes To Bill C-51

This morning, Justin Trudeau released more changes that he proposes to make to “Anti-terrorism” Bill C-51 should the Liberals be elected.

These changes include:

-Canadians will no longer be required to have a CSIS agent or RCMP member living on their couch

-Canadians will not have to friend their MP on Facebook, or “like” the Conservative Party of Canada

-Canadians will now be required to “like” the Liberal Party of Canada on Facebook

-It will no longer be illegal to own the complete series of ‘MacGyver’ on DVD or to stream it on Netflix

-Thomas Mulcair must shave his entire head.  Beard and hair.

-Question “Is anyone in this household a terrorist?” to be added to census.

-Canadians no longer required to give email and social media passwords to RCMP


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