Guy Sharing Office With Hiccup-er The Real Victim

Hans Smith, an engineer at a local oil and gas producer was distraught for the early part of his afternoon; due to the co-worker he shared an office with having uncontrollable hiccups.

“At first, I felt kind of sorry for him.  I mean, hiccups are rough.  But then time dragged on, and it became obvious that he wasn’t really doing anything at all to try to stop them.”  He told us.

“It was probably twenty minutes before I looked at him, and he hadn’t even apologized for having them yet.  That’s just common courtesy.”

We asked if his co-worker had tried any remedies.  “Oh, not a single one.  I could hear him breathing loudly, just like always, so he wasn’t holding his breath.  There was one point where he went to the kitchen, and I figured he’d have a drink of water or something.  But no, he was back way too quickly, and he’d brought a fruit cup back with him.”

“Then I offered to get him a glass of water.  But he said he was good, and then hiccupped again like five seconds later.”

“Fucker is doing it on purpose, I know it.  This is exactly like that time he ate an egg salad sandwich for lunch.”


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