Report Shows Minimum Wage Workers Losing Billions Of Dollars Yearly

A new report from a Calgary think tank has revealed that in exactly the same way that oil companies are going to lose millions of dollars in lost revenue from the oil price being lower than its previous exorbitantly high price, minimum wage workers stand to lose billions of dollars yearly because their pay is so low.

“Frankly, it came as a shock.  We ran the numbers five times but there it was.”  Think tank spokesperson Claude Devane told us.

“We first calculated that based on the current price of oil, that a single oil company, which will remain anonymous, would earn five million dollars less this year, than if the oil price was at a hundred dollars a barrel.  And that made complete sense to us.  I suppose we worded it wrong in that they’ll lose millions of dollars, because that sounds like they’re losing money. But they’re not.  That particular oil company will still make over seven billion dollars in profit this year.  But you know, it’ll be five million dollars less than it could have been.”

“So then we extracted that out into the rest of the world.  Minimum wage workers are missing out on literally billions of dollars in income by not having their wage be higher!  Sure puts that measly five mill in perspective huh?”


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