Prentice Defends Purchase Of New PS4’s, X-Box One’s

Citing his government’s recent purchase of four new 80” televisions, Alberta Premier Jim Prentice defended his additional purchases of four of Sony’s Playstation 4 units, and four of Microsoft’s X-Box One units, to go with them.

“Look.  We only had 65” screens before.  You can’t video conference on bullshit like that, and you certainly can’t really get a good game of Assassin’s Creed going either.  Seriously, how can I be expected to play GTA V on a goddamned 65” screen?  I’m the fucking Premier of Alberta, not some fucking peasant!”

Prentice, who plays online under the username “Alb_Prem_69”, who then winked when saying the “69”, making everyone in the room very uncomfortable, defended his actions saying that the Playstation Plus, and X-Box Live accounts comes out of his own pocket, thus “saving tax payers almost $110 a year.”

“Look.  It’s simple.  We want to do some heists in GTA Online, and we need huge screens with fucking hi def on that shit for them.  And we obvs need the X-Box Ones for when Halo 5 comes out, cos that shit will be un fucking real.”

“Oh, and B T Dubs, Fallout 4 is spec-fucking-tacular on these things.”

“You’re welcome Alberta.  Vote PC!”

Prentice then clarified “I mean Progressive Conservative, not Personal Computer.  I feel that could have been ambiguous given the context of the discussion.”


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