Breaking News: Car Ahead Of You IS Capable Of Going Slower

As if hearing your anguished cries of “Oh my God!  Could you possibly go any slower?” the red Nissan in front of you put on its brakes indicating that not only is it capable of maintaining a velocity lower than it had at the time of your outburst, but that the driver fully intended to utilize this ability.

The driver of the car, which was easily several hundred feet behind the car in front of it, seemed to be completely unaware of your desire to get to your destination, whilst in no hurry to get to his, and had probably chosen the single lane route out of his spite toward you, in particular.

Drivers going in the opposite direction continued on their journey, impotent to change your situation  in their own gridlocked state.  “At least he’s moving.” They told SLN.  “How long is this damned light?  Is there an accident up there, or just some asshat turning left?”  They continued.


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