Adorable NDP Candidate Actually Thinks He Has A Chance In Alberta Election

Thomas Holdenthorpe, a candidate for the New Democratic Party in rural Alberta told SLN this morning that he thinks he has “a really strong chance of winning” in the upcoming provincial election on May 5th.

SLN asked several local voters for comment.

“Frankly, it’s kind of adorable that he would think that.  I mean, this riding has never not voted conservative.  Like ever.  I’m not just talking over the last 40 years where the PC’s have been in power, but ever.”  One voter told us.

“Yeah, we have never not voted conservative.  Even when they don’t represent our best interests, we vote conservative. ”  Another told us.

“So yeah.  It’s kind of adorable that he would think he could win here.  I really hope somebody does vote for him, so he doesn’t feel too bad.  But yeah, it’s probably not going to happen.”

As of press time, Holdenthorpe had regrettably chosen Britney Spears song “Toxic” for his campaign, telling us “It’s not worse than Nickelback, eh?”

When asked about his choice of campaign music, one local told us. “It’s a shame he didn’t go with Nickelback, we love those guys.  You know how no one you know has a Nickelback album, but they’re somehow selling millions of them?  That’s us.  We love those guys.”


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