Warning Emails To File Sharer Still Unread

Emails from Eric Gregson’s internet service provider alerting him to his file sharing habits and the requests from the intellectual property owners lawyers requesting that he cease and desist are still unread by him as of press time today.

Belus, Eric’s internet service provider, maintains that it has sent upwards of fifty emails to Eric, all apparently still unread.

“We’ve done our due diligence on this really.  We received the notice from the lawyers, and per the law told them they’d need a court order to get our client’s name and address.  Then we alerted Eric to the situation by sending an email to his Belus account.  All as we’re supposed to.”

The emails, which have been sent to Eric over the past 6 months, are still sitting unread in his inbox, amongst emails from Nigerian princes, penile enlargement medications, and debt consolidation services.

“Yeah, I guess I do have a Belus email account, I’ve never really thought about it.  But yeah, I guess they did say I’d get one when I got cable and internet.” Eric told us. “I use my gmail account though.  Do people even use their Belus accounts?  That seems weird.  Why don’t they have a gmail account?”

“I honestly wouldn’t even know what the password is to my Belus account.”


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