Star Wars Fan Decries Loss Of EU, Then Thinks About It

Long time Star Wars fan Paul Baron decried the decision to scrap the existing Expanded Universe material by the new owners of the franchise, and then struggled to come up with how this was a bad idea upon reflection.

“Yeah, maybe it’s not actually a bad thing.”  He told us. “Sure, so all of those really great stories are now ‘legends’, which means they’re another universe or timeline or something.  I don’t know if JJ Abrams is planning to ‘Star Trek’ Star Wars.  Stories like the Thrawn trilogy, the Hand of Thrawn Duology, the X-Wing series, they’re all gone.  But.  On the bright side, all those horrendous stories are gone too.  For every great Timothy Zahn book, there’s a Kevin Anderson book.  For every brilliant Aaron Allston book, there’s a Karen Traviss nightmare.  For the James Luceno greats, there’s an A.C. Crispin or Vonda M. McIntyre that should never have been written.”

“Now sure, without the lows, we can’t appreciate the highs.  But even those great books had a few problems.”

“I mean, I never thought that Zahn completely understood the timeline.  It was off, even in his Thrawn Trilogy, which is otherwise a masterpiece.  Ok, so you may say ‘but those were written before the prequels, so there was no way to know certain things about the timeline.’  But there was.  The Empire could never have been older than Luke & Leia.  Otherwise Anakin Vader would have known about them.  Anakin had to turn within nine months of them being born, which was about 19 years prior to Yavin.”

“But by far the greatest part of making the whole EU non-canon, is that finally those fucking Fandalorians can fuck right off.  Oh really?  You have a neck guard made of Cortosis to stop a lightsaber?  Just the neck guard though, so a Jedi could just slice through your entire torso two inches lower and still kill you, but at least they won’t have beheaded you?  Good thinking.  Dicks.  Try worshipping a warrior race that actually has morals instead.  The Vong have better morals than the Mandos, and they slaughtered trillions of people.”

“Well, not anymore.  I guess.”


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