Lucasfilm to Internet: Please Stop Calling The Planet “Jack-You”

In the aftermath of several details being released this weekend, Lucasfilm implored fans and the internet to stop calling the newly identified planet Jakku by an alternative and “filthy” pronunciation.

“Come on guys.  Star Wars is family friendly.  We’ve finally created another desert planet that isn’t fucking Tatooine, and you’re now immediately making fun of it?  Not cool guys.”

“I mean, I get it.  We didn’t think it through.  We didn’t run the name ‘Jakku’, through the perverts rhyming dictionary to see if it could be mispronounced.  That’s on us.  But how many of you are actually six?”

Lucasfilm has not issued a statement like this since naming a Jedi Master “Soon Bayts”, a reading of masturbates.


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