Company Requires Job Hunter Set Up An Account, For Some Reason

Local job hunter and resident, Earnest Boost found himself creating an account on a company’s website, simply to be able to apply to a position with the company.

“I feel that they’re kind of overinflating their sense of worth by doing that” He told us.

“I mean, why do I need to set up a password with them?  And definitely why does it have to be thirteen characters with two being numbers and one being a symbol, and a few capitals mixed in?  That’s a ridiculous level of security for a job application.  Are they really that concerned about hackers?  If they are, do I really want to work there?  Will I be targeted by Anonymous for applying?  Even my bank doesn’t require this much security on picking a password.”

Earnest told us that he decided to modify his regular password with the substitution of a ‘3’ for an ‘e’, a ‘4’ for ‘A’, and a ‘0’ for ‘O’, making his password “F4rt3Xpl0d3R!”


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