MS Office Proficiency Put In Job Posting As A Joke

Human Resources personnel at a large company created a posting for a new position, but reportedly entered some material into the posting purely for their own entertainment as a joke.  The responsible personnel spoke to us on condition of anonymity.

“Well, it livens up the job you know?  I mean, who doesn’t know how to use Word or Excel these days?  So yeah, we still write that in there, just as a joke.  Oh.  And my favorite is the one where we say “Must have strong communication and time management skills.”  That’s a good one.  Nobody ever thinks that they’re bad at communicating or managing their time.”

“But the payoff happens when we’re looking through the replies and we see that someone has singled those out.  Oh, we do laugh at that.  We show each other those applications.  You know, and then we throw them out.  Obviously, if the person is singling out that they can use MS Office, and that they have good communication skills, then they clearly have nothing else going for them to differentiate them from anyone else.”

“So putting that in is both humorous, and useful for us.”


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