Supervillain Accidentally Solves World Energy Problems

Entrepreneur Maximillian Hypnos, whose accidental disfigurement at the hands of Mechaniman last June served as the tipping point into his career as a supervillain recently solved the world’s energy problems purely by accident.

Hypnos’ most recent venture, dubbed the “Necklace Of Fiery Death”, involved putting several hundred satellites into orbit around the planet.  These satellites, when activated, would create a network capable of focusing the Sun’s energy into a beam capable of destroying any city at any time purely from the heat alone, which could reach several thousand degrees in a matter of seconds.

Hypnos, who had captured Canadian Super Spy Eddie Jones and was holding both him and his companion Josephine Von Smith captive, was betrayed by his Chief Scientist Paul O’Dell.

Mr O’Dell spoke to SLN.

“Well, we, that’s myself and the other scientists on the project, realized very early on in project that if you took out the part about focusing the light into a death ray, that you could easily repurpose the satellite network to cast normal sunlight onto an area of about an acre, or about the size of a solar farm.”

“Obviously, the biggest problem with solar power is night.  This satellite network would eliminate that problem.  So we took out all of the focusing crystals from the satellites prior to their launch, all they can do is light up the ground a bit.  It’d be more annoying than anything.  Like working nights and sleeping through the day.”

“So yeah.   The time came to turn on the network, and Hypnos was alone with one guard, that Canadian spy, and his girlfriend.  So I pretended to have to report to him, took a gun with me and shot him.  The spy took out the guard and ran off with the girl.  They’re around somewhere.”

“Luckily, Hypnos was talking to the UN Security Council at the time, so I didn’t have to try to figure out a way to talk to them to tell them it was all good.”

“So yeah.  World’s energy problems solved in perpetuity.  You’re welcome.  I’ll have to update my LinkedIn profile with this.”


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