Progressive Conservatives Add Proportional Representation to Platform

(Edmonton, AB) -In the wake of the NDP win in Alberta’s election on Tuesday, rival party the Progressive Conservatives vowed their support to switch the province’s electoral style from the ‘First Past The Post’ system, which they lost, to a ‘Proportional Representation’ system, which would have given them an additional 14 seats in the election.

The PC’s, who are yet to announce a new leader following former leader Jim Prentice’s successful election result and subsequent resignation,  say that this has been brewing for a long time.

“Yes, we’ve always felt that proportional representation gave the electorate the most representative representatives.  And you may well ask, why then, if we felt so strongly about it, did we not implement it at any time in the last 44 years?  You may well ask that.”

“But the truth is that we have always supported proportional representation, and we haven’t just changed our tune now because we 1) lost, and 2) would have more seats if it was already in place.  But we would have more than Wildrose.  I’m just saying.”


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